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Re: (TFT) TFT: Even More AdjIQ

On Tue, 3 Aug 1999, Mark Gundel wrote:

> An example of this from my "real" life: After three
> grueling years of training in high-school wrestling,
> in which I may be said to have invested a number of
> points, I wrestled abysmally. 

Guess we are in the same boat there - I couldn't keep
from getting my leg broken in *practice*.  Guy went 
for a take-down and instead of stepping through my 
legs, he .... well, you get the idea.

> Training (learning the talent) could not overcome my 
> flagrantly low DX. It could be claimed that I could 
> teach others to wrestle though, despite being inept 
> myself.

Hey ... nowhere if TFT does it say that an IQ 8 person
can't train to be a wizard either.  You still have to
choose your talents wisely.  

Dan Tulloh

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