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(TFT) Rick's Phantasm

Rick states,

<However I created a new type of illusion called a
Phantasmal.  A phantasmal can be made of anything that is under its
size.  However it does not do real damage.  If it is disbelived all of the
damage it has done is also disbelived.  If it does enough damage that
someone is knocked unconscious, then they go into a coma like sleep
for an hour.>>>>

Excellent idea, Rick.  I always felt the illusion was too powerful a spell
for its cost.  As someone stated earlier, characters would take this spell
over any other because of its cost.  If you are a fighter fighting an
illusion, you have a choice, disbelieve at IQ 9 or hit with adjDX of 12.
Here are the characters thoughts:  Disbelieve at IQ 9 my chances arn't that
great, what if it is a creation then I waste a turn and get hit without
hitting it,  attack and don't worry that it is an illusion, oh! there are so
many ???????????????????

Yours in Cidri,

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