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(TFT) Re: Mark's Remarks

Mark writes,

<Training (learning the
talent) could not overcome my flagrantly low DX. It
could be claimed that I could teach others to wrestle
though, despite being inept myself.>

As a teacher myself, I know how you feel.  I know a load of social studies
teachers, who no very little history but can teach.  I consider myself a
historian who teaches and who learns to teach everyday I stand up in front
of 105 middle schoolers.

Teaching is a talent and should be one in this game.  In my life, there have
been a lot of people who are very talented but could not teach their talent
worth a lick.  A good example is most history professors I have known, they
lecture on-and-on "until they foam out the mouth and fall backwards"
(brought to you by Monty Python).  I learned more on my own then from them,
except for possibly some trivia.

Yours in Cidri,

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