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(TFT) Re: adjIQ, adjST, adjDX, and adjMAL

Charles states,

<Especially since the high IQ
trivializes a lot of spot check type of rolls, among others.>

Charles this is just to throw a sabot in the machinery.  Couldn't that IQ 20
that you mentioned be experience rather than true IQ?  Intelligence comes
from many things: learning, experience, perception, sensory, just to name a

 As it has been stated, the three characteristics were lumped to create a
simple game.  I agree with the idea of adjIQ or whatever it will be called
and the concept of adjST.  When my group played in campaign they choose to
use the six characteristic system that was found in Different Worlds.  They
felt it was more realistic as well as fair to them.  The concept for ST and
IQ worked fine in this system.  We did have problems with DX though being
separated into basically speed and coordination.  This was never worked out.

The group, and I should say the wizards in the group, also created another
characteristic.  Player or should I say wizard friendly.  The characteristic
was called Magical Aptitude.  All rolls the wizard made for his spells were
rolled against this attribute rather than DX.
Magical Aptitude was DX+IQ/2.  This became a benefit for the low DX wizards.
An example would be a wizard with a DX 9 + IQ 16/2 would equal a Magical
Aptitude (MGK) of 13 (always rd. up in favor of the players).  So if this
wizard wearing cloth armor wanted to cast a thrown spell 3 hexes away, he
would need to roll a 9 on MGK (-1 for armor and -3 for the distance thrown).
Their idea was that a wizard would have more control over a spell as a
result of intelligence and concentration afforded by a higher IQ.

Yours in Cidri,

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