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RE: (TFT) Re: adjIQ, adjST, adjDX, and adjMAL

> Charles states,
> <Especially since the high IQ
> trivializes a lot of spot check type of rolls, among others.>
> Charles this is just to throw a sabot in the machinery.  Couldn't that IQ
> 20
> that you mentioned be experience rather than true IQ?  Intelligence comes
> from many things: learning, experience, perception, sensory, just to name
> a
> few.
Well, no and yes. The key to remember is that the experience must be
relevant. Just because you are the world's greatest tap dancer with years
and years of experience does not qualify you to be a neuro-surgeon. On a
less obtuse note, there probably are limits to what some people can learn in
terms of complexity. Being a doctor, for example, requires more than just a
knowledge of anatomy and the types of diseases out there - you have to be
able to integrate that knowlege to figure out your patient's symptoms,
diagnose the condition, and prescribe a course of treatment to cure the
patient. Not easy. In other words, you may have a broad base of knowledge of
anatomy and so forth but not be able to integrate it meaningfully to be a

While I don't buy into the idea that IQ should be fixed, at the same time I
balk at people gaining a full spread of talents only by expanding their IQ
to astronomical levels. Having a 20 IQ, for example, means you can often
ignore most traps and spot secret doors merely by walking past them. Clues
or secrets that require an IQ check have a good chance of being decyphered.
In game terms the character sees all and knows all - yet all of his talents
may be low level ones, for the most part. Does a broad base of experience
***Really*** help that much? I don't think so. It does help, but not to that
degree. I mean, just because you have a lot of skills doesn't mean you're
ability to spot hidden objects is going to improve by that degree. I could
see a little increase, depending on what exactly one's "broad base of
experience is" but to an IQ of 20? Doubt it. Much better, I think, to
encourage more use of AdjIQ or the like - if only from the standpoint of
game balance. 

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