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RE: (TFT) Re: adjIQ, adjST, adjDX, and adjMAL

On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Gadda, Charles A wrote:

> > Intelligence comes from many things: learning, experience, 
> > perception, sensory, just to name a few.
> > 
> Well, no and yes. The key to remember is that the experience must be
> relevant. Just because you are the world's greatest tap dancer with years
> and years of experience does not qualify you to be a neuro-surgeon. 

This is one reason why I posted a rambling on purchasing talents
more than once.  Increasing your base attributes, especially IQ,
should be difficult. 

In the wild scheme I dreamed up, you can use character points to
purchase talents at multiple levels.  Paying the standard cost for
Sword gives you the ability to use a sword in combat (ie, strike 
without minuses to DX).  You can then use character points to 
beef up your Sword knowledge according to the following table:

          Additional Character
              Points Spent      Advantage Gained

                    1                +1
                    2                +1
                    3                +1
                    4                +2
                    :                 :
                    9                +3

Basically, if a character has Sword-4, then he/she receives a +2
on all attack/parry rolls when using a sword.   You may want to 
change the progression rate I've outlined here - the advantage 
gained is simply the square root of the additional points spent on 
the talent. 

It still requires 2 points to purchase Sword ... expending more
points in Sword merely deepens your understanding of that ability.

You might want to allow characters to raise their basic attribute
scores - but at a cost of 5 character points per attribute point
or something similiar.
Dan Tulloh

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