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(TFT) Re: Illusions

	In my campaign I fixed the Illusion problem by saying that
Illusions can only be made of standard magical creatures (summoned
creatures, magical obsticals or copy of the wizard him or herself.)

	Demons & elementals were not allowed because they fall 
under the 'Invoke classification' of spells.

	However I created a new type of illusion called a 
Phantasmal.  A phantasmal can be made of anything that is under its
size.  However it does not do real damage.  If it is disbelived all of the
damage it has done is also disbelived.  If it does enough damage that
someone is knocked unconscious, then they go into a coma like sleep
for an hour.

	If a phantasmal is so tough that it becomes unlikely, people
start getting automatic disbelive rolls.  So if you create a phantasmal
of a Mh of molten lead above the enemy, all of your opponents get
a 3vsIQ to auto disbelive it.  (Same thing if a phantasmal of a pit
opens up under them.
	Phantasmals cost the same as illusions and are 3 IQ higher
than the equivilent sized illusion.

	This has solved the illusion problem in my campaign.

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