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(TFT) RE: adjST

Works fine for the largest problem, but does not help with beasts or
monsters that have a high ST but a much lower HT.

Which brings up another point: handling fatigue with creatures is a bit
tougher without a separate HT stat. A very minor point, but if you take a
few fatigue points from the archetypical elephant, you won't do much.
Though, in fact, beasts of burden do get tired and need to rest as well as
we do.

Also doesn't do much for those that may be stronger than they are healthy.

I guess I'll stick with HT, and admit it is less then perfect. Again, for
most folks it may not be worth it to implement. If you prefer simplicity or
just don't mind the wackiness that comes about from standard TFT rules, it
probably doesn't make much sense to change. By all means stick with what you

On the other hand, those looking for more detail might like it. It does seem
to tie together a few loose ends rather neatly, but at the price of
integrating in another stat. It actually isn't as bad as it sounds, and I've
been impressed with the way certain logic loopholes get plugged by this in a
relatively tidy manner. Ultimately, though, it depends on you, the reader.

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> Subject:	(TFT) TFT: Archer Illusions
> Charles writes . . .
> >Actually, the illusion of an archer is illegal in standard TFT rules - an
> >illusion may not split itself. Though you could get around this by
> creating
> >an illusion of an arrow (one illusion per arrow) - but that doesn't
> strike
> >me as being energy efficient.
>    Sorry, I didn't write that very well, promoting misunderstanding.
> Change
> that sentence to . . .
>    I also noticed hardly any missile spells being used in my campaign; all
> wizards favoring Illusion as the combat spell of choice, especially with a
> really good archer CHARACTER present to take out enemy wizards.
>    About adding HT to TFT: Would adjST solve this problem as a plug-in
> rule?
> I think it might; here's how I wrote it up . . .
> Adjusted ST
>    Like adjusted IQ, a character's fatigue points (i.e. "adjST") can be
> increased in the same way - 2 extra fatigue points for 1 attribute point.
> Adjusted ST does not allow you to use a larger weapon or give you more hit
> points, it just gives you more fatigue for spellcasting and exerting
> yourself (i.e. it makes you /healthier/).  Use adjST - not basic ST - when
> making saving rolls against disease and other health-related hazards.
>    This rule change obeys the same rules for attribute point total and
> experience as described in Adjusted IQ above.
>    I almost added a section allowing players to have an adjST /lower/ than
> ST (for a negative point cost) but then I imagined all of the new
> 32-point/16 ST/12 DX/8 IQ characters running around!
>    What do you all think?
>    Here's another useful spell . . .
> MESSENGER LIGHT (C): Creates a will'o'wisp which can send
>    a verbal message for the wizard.  The message can be a number
>    of words no greater than the wizard's IQ.  After given a destination
>    (one that the wizard has been to in the past) the wisp will fly at
>    MA 30 (about 3 minutes/km) until it reaches its destination, where
>    it relays its message and then disappears.  The wisp is -8 DX
>    to hit in combat, but any hit will destroy it.
>       Not a bad spell for issuing orders to troops on the battlefield.
>    Cost: 1 ST for every 3km (or fraction thereof) to the destination.
>    [Greg Sharp/IP6]
>    This one came from Greg Sharp out of Interplay #6.  I didn't like the
> way
> the printed version was designed or written (much of the material in
> Interplay was not playtested) but I still liked the basic idea so I gave
> it
> a redesign and rewrite.  More efficient than an Image for sending a
> message
> across town.
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