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(TFT) TFT: Archer Illusions

Charles writes . . .

>Actually, the illusion of an archer is illegal in standard TFT rules - an
>illusion may not split itself. Though you could get around this by creating
>an illusion of an arrow (one illusion per arrow) - but that doesn't strike
>me as being energy efficient.

   Sorry, I didn't write that very well, promoting misunderstanding.  Change
that sentence to . . .

   I also noticed hardly any missile spells being used in my campaign; all
wizards favoring Illusion as the combat spell of choice, especially with a
really good archer CHARACTER present to take out enemy wizards.

   About adding HT to TFT: Would adjST solve this problem as a plug-in rule?
I think it might; here's how I wrote it up . . .

Adjusted ST
   Like adjusted IQ, a character?s fatigue points (i.e. ?adjST?) can be
increased in the same way ? 2 extra fatigue points for 1 attribute point.
Adjusted ST does not allow you to use a larger weapon or give you more hit
points, it just gives you more fatigue for spellcasting and exerting
yourself (i.e. it makes you /healthier/).  Use adjST ? not basic ST ? when
making saving rolls against disease and other health-related hazards.
   This rule change obeys the same rules for attribute point total and
experience as described in Adjusted IQ above.

   I almost added a section allowing players to have an adjST /lower/ than
ST (for a negative point cost) but then I imagined all of the new
32-point/16 ST/12 DX/8 IQ characters running around!
   What do you all think?

   Here's another useful spell . . .

MESSENGER LIGHT (C): Creates a will?o?wisp which can send
   a verbal message for the wizard.  The message can be a number
   of words no greater than the wizard?s IQ.  After given a destination
   (one that the wizard has been to in the past) the wisp will fly at
   MA 30 (about 3 minutes/km) until it reaches its destination, where
   it relays its message and then disappears.  The wisp is -8 DX
   to hit in combat, but any hit will destroy it.
      Not a bad spell for issuing orders to troops on the battlefield.
   Cost: 1 ST for every 3km (or fraction thereof) to the destination.
   [Greg Sharp/IP6]

   This one came from Greg Sharp out of Interplay #6.  I didn't like the way
the printed version was designed or written (much of the material in
Interplay was not playtested) but I still liked the basic idea so I gave it
a redesign and rewrite.  More efficient than an Image for sending a message
across town.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Computers   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760

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