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(TFT) Re: Missile Spells

> I also noticed hardly any missile spells being used in my campaign; 
> all wizards favoring Illusion as the combat spell of choice, -

Sigh.  Yes.  We decided to stop awarding XP for damage done by 
illusions after a few too many illusionary octopi were unleashed
on various dim-witted ogres and giants.  It's just too easy.

> especially with a really good archer present to take out enemy 
> wizards.  So I came up with this rule change . . .
> Missile Spells
>    Wizards roll 1 die vs. DX per damage die to hit when casting 
> missile spells or firing missile spell rods. 

Hm, I like this but I'm afraid Wizard's Wrath may be a good reason 
not to do it.  Given that a two-die roll is almost automatic success, 
this lets a wizard unleash fairly hefty 2d6+2 attacks with frightening
accuracy.  It strikes me that this rule might help an overly IQ-heavy 
clown avoid the penalties of his relatively low DX. 

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