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(TFT) Re: Missile Spells

	In my campaign I took a page from GURPS and said that
a maximum of 5 fST can be put into a missile spell per turn.  If you
want to cast a 5 fST or less spell, fine, it can be cast with the normal
rules.  But if you want a 15 point fireball, then you have to charge
it up for a couple of turns before it is ready to fire.

	While the spell is charging, the wizard's hand must be up
in the air and magical flame or lightning crackles and grows around
his or her fist (much like the cover art on ITL).  If the wizard is 
knocked down while charging it up, the spell goes off in a random

	Basically, charging a missile spell is a giant  message to 
all enemies that you want to kill this wizard fast.  It adds a lot of
drama to the game, and encourages the smaller missile bolts that
armor can actually affect.


>> Missile Spells
>>    Wizards roll 1 die vs. DX per damage die to hit when casting 
>> missile spells or firing missile spell rods. 

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