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(TFT) TFT: Weakness

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Michael writes . . .

>I'm not trying to start anything, but I'm curious - why do you consider
>this a weakness?
>>>>>>>>   I was referring to the fact that in TFT, a figure's chance of
success for
>>>>>>>>using all talents (that use the same attribute) that he knows is
>>>>>>>>/exactly/ the same, no matter which talent is used. 
>>>>>>>>   Of course this problem is greatly mitigated by advanced versions
of many
>>>>>>>>talents: Master Thief, Master Physicker, etc.  Ty Beard's Expert
and Master
>>>>>>>>Swordsman talents are a big help in the same way, and Missile
Weapons and
>>>>>>>>Thrown Weapons help as well.
>>>>>>>>   However unrealistic, this problem is barely noticable to the
>>>>>>>>player, and it's a problem that I can certainly live with.

Ah! I see. Yes, I can see how someone might see that as a weakness. Long
ago, however (and probably from Rick Smith!) I got a LOT of home-brew
Talents....ie Sword II, Ax/Mace II, Knife II, Sling I, etc., so this
wouldnt ever be a problem if a player didn't want it to be....

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