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(TFT) Game Master/Fantasy Master

Joe stated,

<<<1)  How many people out there are primarily FM's (Fantasy Master is the
correct title when it comes to TFT) in their years of TFT experience?
How many of you were primarily players?
I was primarily a GM (Check your ITL hanbook, page3 para.1 sentence 2,
that is what the referee is called.). But I had one character who's
sheet is now long lost, that I created at a game contest that allowed my
player side to shine through. <SIGH> I'm lookin at the miniature for him
on top o' my computer right now. LIKE A LONG LOST FRIEND.>>>

Sorry about that goof but weren't they also called FM's as well or maybe
this just came from a module.   I know how you feel, yours is lead mine's
cardboard, that I keep in my box of TFT stuff.   I still have a few of the
character sheets of the players in my campaign.  One of which was a
werebear.  The game store I worked in in the 70's was right next door to a
bakery and a hoagie joint.  I think I gained 10 lbs. that year (Thank God I
was relatively skinny back then, I only filled out!).  When the owner closed
the store, he still had four months left on his lease, so he allowed us (A
D&D turned TFT group to use the store).  There were many nights we didn't
get home to 4 AM.  After the store finally closed, a dentist cleaned up the
place and moved into the shop.  I visited my Mom last week, the whole
building is now gutted and going to be turned into a senior center and
apartment.  Oh! no again with the "retro"!!!!

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