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(TFT) On experience

Dan wrote,

<<<<This is one reason why I posted a rambling on purchasing talents
more than once.  Increasing your base attributes, especially IQ,
should be difficult. >>>>

Wouldn't it be easier to change the amount of experience to gain
characteristic points to a higher level per amount of points the character
already has.  What I mean is even more than what it is now, although it is
already hard enough to gain point after 40.  I believe that Steve Jackson
tried to prevent many high point characters with the experience point system
he created for the game.  On page 11 of ITL,
up to 36 points, you need 125 points; 37-40, you need 250 points; 41-45, you
need 1000 points; 46-50, you need 3000; 51-55, you need 5000; etc.
Experience, at least in my campaign, is hard to come by.  I rarely had a
character that went beyond 45 points, because of the experience cost.

Another thing about the experience point system is the difference between
the cost per point at what point the character is at, be 32 or 55 points.

up to 36 points:  125 points
37-40 points:  250 points (x2 from the level above)
41-45 points:  1000 points  (X4 from the level above)
46-50 points:  3000 points (x3 from the level above)
51-55 points:  5000 points  (only 2000 points more)
all points beyond this are doubled  (X2 from the level above)

Why the big jump from 250 points to 1000 points and then back down from X4
to X3 then +2000 to X2?  Why not keep it standard (125, 250, 500, 1000,
etc...)  Perhaps to keep a lid on high point characters?

Yours in Cidri,

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