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(TFT) Fatigue

Dave writes,

<<<Wounds and Fatigue
   Wounds and fatigue are now assessed separately against
a figure?s ST and are /not/ added together.  (Normally these
two are added together when determining a figure?s status.)
So a ST 12 figure now has 12 ?hit points? and 12 ?fatigue
points.?  A ST 12 wizard with 4 hits of damage on him can
still have up to 12 fatigue points left to cast spells, not just 8.
This simplifies bookkeeping for players and GM alike, and
is actually more realistic as well.
   Changing when figures die also changes the way fatigue
is handled.  A figure with at least one ?fatigue point? left (i.e.
at least 1 ST) is still conscious and may act normally.  That
same figure driven to 0 ST (such as through spell casting or
other strenuous activity) immediately /falls down/ and may
do /nothing/ until he has rested for 15 minutes, but the figure
is still somewhat aware of events around him and may
defend himself so enemies don?t get automatic hits against

Dave, How do you accumulate minuses to DX for damage/fatigue taken?


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