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In a message dated 99-08-05 23:53:38 EDT, you write:

<< I came home after going to a show tonight (Weird Al Yankovic!) to find 18
 messages.  This is now the busiest list I'm on! >>

Tell me about it, I remember going weeks without a hit. And your right, I'm 
on 4 lists and it's the second busiest. The first is B5 Wars. 50 - 100 hits a 
day. Go away for the weekend only to come back and find out your mailbox is 
FULL and everything is bouncing back to their senders. To be honest I don't 
want it THAT busy. It is amazing though, a game so long out of print getting 
as many, or more hits that some current games. 
Rod Leary

PS- How did ya like Al's "The Saga Begins"? I thought it was fantastic.
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