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In 12 days in this month there have been over 200+ hits on the list.  Most
of the hits are from the same 12-15 people and now and then someone chirping
up to let us know they are out there.  My question is how many total people
are registered on the list (unless of course you would have to kill me if
you told us)?  Also I see the list is represented by four different
countries (five if you include Texas, "Because it is like a whole 'nother
country!"  I lived and loved it there for two years in the San Antonio area
and would like to GTT in the near future.  If you lived there you would
understand the commercial, "It's right.").  They are the US (both East and
West Coast, Texas, but very little in between),  Canada (Rick and Mack),
Australia (Simon), and the UK (Chris).  Of course, all English (some
speaking it better than others, youse guys) speaking countries.  Do you have
any from other countries?

Yours in Cidri,

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