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(TFT) RE: Joe's World (Wasn't that a movie?)

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>>I'm probably not going to give TFT style statistics for any of the
>major players in this world. That way, Each GM could adapt it as they
>see fit. My hopes are to have it up on a web page at some time in the
>Does this interest anyone?

While I'm very interested in this, I have to say that if you *don't* give
TFT style statisitics for the NPCs you've greatly reduced my level of
interest in a supplement like this. 

You say your not doing it so that I each GM can adapt it as I see fit. But
I can already do that even if you DO give TFT stats. 

If you don't then I know that if I want to use your material, I have a big
job ahead of me!

Now being a TFT GM, that's true of ANY other material I want to use that I
don't write myself. But it doesn't really make *your* particular material
any more attractive than say, the latest D&D module (or whatever). 

I still have to convert or write the stats myself. 

Personally, I'd much rather you write the TFT stats. If I don't like them -
I'll change them, but if I DO like them, I can use your material alot
faster than anything else I have to convert - thereby making it more useful
to me....

Just my opinon....


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