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Re: (TFT) On experience

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>Well, TFT already does this in an effort to limit the creation of
super-characters as you have described.  But changing the basic
attributes of a character just rubs me the wrong way.  I just
can't picture a player character with an ST of 30, a DX of 17
or 18 and an IQ of 23.

This is a problem for a lot of systems as one poster mentioned 
earlier - they tend to be balanced at lower levels of experience
but strain credulity at the higher levels.  Murphy's Rules pointed
out that a 13th level fighter in AD&D can survive a fall from 
any height.  TFT (a much better system, IMHO) allows a character
to achieve IQs that surpass a roomful of Hawkings or Einsteins.

Dan Tulloh

Hmmmm. Let me do some math. Please correct me if any of this is incorrect
(using the ITL:11 EP table).

I start as a 32-point character. ST 10, DX 12, IQ 10. 

I work my way up to 36-pts. ST 10, DX 12, IQ 14. This costs me 500 EP.
Then I work my way up to 40-pts. ST 10, DX 12, IQ 18. This costs me 1000
Then I work my way up to 45-pts. ST 10, DX 12, IQ 23. This costs me 5000
Then I work my way up to 50-pts. ST 10, DX 12, IQ 28. This costs me 15000
Then I work my way up to 55-pts. ST 10, DX 12, IQ 33. This costs me  25000
So by the time I can reasonably get an attribute to 30, I've earned roughly
 46500 EP.

Now a 14-hex dragon is worth 114 EP to me if I'm the only one to kill it.
I'm using combat because arguable it's the FASTEST way to gain EP. Even as
a wizard, you get more for what you kill than for the fST used in killing

Well, this means that in order for a player to get an attribute up to 30
they have to kill roughly 407 fourteen-hex dragons. Now if I killed one
14-hex dragon every week, this would take me roughly 8 years of game time. 

Now, the rules can't stop a GM from giving out too much EP, but is anybody
*really* having a problem with characters becoming too high level too
quickly in TFT?!?!

Are there really ST 30 player-characters wandering around in your campaign?

I just don't understand how this can really be that much of a problem in a
TFT game. 

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