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Re: (TFT) On experience

	It was changed somewhere (the GM screen I think had a 
sensible system and the origional one.) and everyone I know used
the modified one.

	I eventually got tired of figuring out where those divisible
by 4 boundries were, and I changed to the following system:

30 to 34	  125
35 to 39	  250
40 to 44	  500
45 to 49	1000
50 to 54	2000
55 to 59	4000, etc.

	This slows players down a little at the lower levels but
helps them a lot as they get higher.  (One of the reasons my 
campaign is a little higher powered than most TFT games.) Best
of all I can figure out how much EP a character needs to go up
an attribute with out using a table.


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