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Re: (TFT) Berserk? Talent or Handicap?

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        Hi all

        If the player chooses when he wants to try to go berserk
then it is an advantage.

        If some external situation determines when the character
goes berserk, then it is a disadvantage.

        For example,  in my campaign, many elves roll 1d6 when
they see a hymenopteran.  On a 1 or 2 they berserk and must attack.
This is a disadvantage.


I think that's probably the best way to handle it. If you take Choleric
handicap, you get Berserk for free. Otherwise, you need to pay for it!

PS: Rick, I'm compiling a weapon list for TFT and I was using your old
lists. I'm just wondering if you've updated them recently?

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