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Re: (TFT) On experience

Dan Tulloh wrote:
> I stated:
> >I just can't picture a player character with an ST of 30, a DX
> >of 17 or 18 and an IQ of 23.
> Micheal responds:
> >
> >Hmmmm. Let me do some math. Please correct me if any of this is
> >incorrect   <snip the calculations>
> >
> >Well, this means that in order for a player to get an attribute up
> >to 30 they have to kill roughly 407 fourteen-hex dragons. Now if I
> >killed one 14-hex dragon every week, this would take me roughly 8
> >years of game time=
> >
> >Are there really ST 30 player-characters wandering around in your
> >campaign?
> >
> I think you missed the point.  I was lamenting that TFT, an other-
> wise commendable system, allows characters to attain outlandish
> stats.  8 years of gametime?  Please -- I've ran characters in
> AD&D up to forced retirement.
> The point of my discussion was that TFT is broken with regard to
> characters of high experience.  And, realistically, can you really
> imagine a character with ST 25?  Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably
> about an ST 18 - I personally just can't envision a character that
> could toss physically toss Arnold around like he was a rag-doll.
> Those are my opinions, my $0.02 worth.  I don't want to start a
> flame war with you Michael, so lets just agree to disagree on this
> issue.
> Dan
I have to agree with both of you. The system can lead to outrageous
characters, BUT ONLY IF there is a complete lack of common sense used by
the gm that hands out a 14 hex dragons worth of exp. per character week.
Thats just bad Gm'ing.  ALL CONSULT THE HOLY BOOK OF ITL---Page 3,
column 1, para 3, last sentence. "The gm is the final arbiter; he should
strive to be FAIR (emphasis added), but his word is law. IT IS HIS TASK
TO KEEP BALANCE IN THE GAME....." If a Gm is irresponsible enough to
hand out that kind of exp, he has thrown the game out of balance. Part
of being a good gm is to come up with ways to deal with such problems.
Either by being "stingy" with exp., or by laying dwon a ground rule that
in his campaigns, characters can not pass a  certain level of ST,DX, or
 I always viewed TFT as a platform. In other words, a system that was
intended from the start to have revisions. Whether sanctified by the
gods at metagaming (may they rest in pieces), the great Jackson(praise
be to the creator, curses to the man who took ogre over TFT), or the GM
in his game room. 
 The one thing I love about this list is the one thing that makes me a
little nervous. The number of suggestions being implemented could make
for characters who don't travel well. As it stands, a character created
in Michaels campaign won't travel well into Dans. So if we are all going
to meet in an online game program, whose rules apply? I SAY STANDARD TFT
PRODUCED. This could take some time, or we'll just meet in small groups,
checking out the "flavour" of each groups campaigns. 
 Again, I LOVE THIS LIST!!!!!! Hope I haven't rambled to much or stepped
on any toes.
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