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Re: (TFT) On experience

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From: Pasha and or Rick Smith <pnrsmith@istar.ca>

> In my campaign I do not give out as much EXP if the
>players are not at risk.  Let us say they are fighting wolves (which
>do 7 pts of damage as a normal maximum).  If a fighter has armor
>that stops 7 points, I won't give that person very much EXP (they
>will get a few points because a wolf might roll a double or a triple.)
> If a person had 5 or 6 points of armor, they would get
>a little bit more, but still not full EXP.
> Rick

I like it!  :-)
Less risk, less reward.

I usually do something similiar to this in that as the players continue
to run into and slay lots of "Orcs" (for example) they start earning less
less experience for it.  After all, how long can you continue to learn
"new" by killing a bunch of fodder Orcs? (Yes I keep track of all creatures
how many of them the party has met before, even tribes and clans for the
of blood-feuds and possible allies)
My "rough" guideline is after they slay more of a certain type of creature
exceeds their IQ level, they start getting less and less points for it:

# same
creatures fought:       Experience awarded:
<= IQ                           Full
> IQ                             3/4 xp
> 2x IQ                        1/2 xp
> 3x IQ                        1/4 xp
> 4x IQ                        1-2 xp each max

I based this on character IQ as it's the "learning" trait in TFT.
I also subscribe to the theory that:
"You've killed one Orc, you've killed 'em all" in that there is very little
to learn about Orcs (example) that killing an extra few dozen of them
will impart any new knowledge (ie. experience) unless they happen to
get a critical or two during the fight, then full xp is rewarded for those
creatures that "surprised" you.

It's also great when the party is busy on a mission and they encounter the
nuisance of a wandering Orc raiding party to hear them exclaim,
"Oh shit! Orcs! This is gonna cost us time. Can't we avoid them somehow?"

There is a reason there are still Orcs and small stuff out there with all
mega-retired-NPC-type super characters around, they can't be "bothered"
in hunting down something that insignificant! It's just not worth their time
effort anymore.
"Oh great, 200 Orcs slain, 200 more xp, just need another 24,248 for my next
point increase, eh?" (quote attributed to Bjorn the exhausted while
switching from
yet his fifth dulled sword after Orcs raid the militia post in 3 walls)

Mack Brewer

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