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Re: (TFT) On experience

	In my campaign I do not give out as much EXP if the
players are not at risk.  Let us say they are fighting wolves (which
do 7 pts of damage as a normal maximum).  If a fighter has armor
that stops 7 points, I won't give that person very much EXP (they
will get a few points because a wolf might roll a double or a triple.)
	If a person had 5 or 6 points of armor, they would get
a little bit more, but still not full EXP.

	Rather than a complicated formula, this seems to work
well enough.


>It's the Master's role to keep things balanced.  ITL says that it's *hard*
>to become a superman - but it's not impossible.  Maybe 14-hex dragons become
>worth fewer EPs, or even have EPs based on a formula, like 
>baseEP - (totalAttributePoints - 31) = awardedEP.  That way it's a lot
>harder to battle your way up to the top.  (The preceding was an example, and
>is probably too biased against an experienced character, but you get the

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