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Re: (TFT) Mack on experience

>Mack's idea on experience goes like this,
><<<# same
>creatures fought:       Experience awarded:
><= IQ                           Full
>> IQ                             3/4 xp
>> 2x IQ                        1/2 xp
>> 3x IQ                        1/4 xp
>> 4x IQ                        1-2 xp each max>>>

>What is 4xIQ?  1/8?  1/2? or what is 1-2xp????
>Yours in Cidri,

Sorry, what seems obvious to me isn't always obvious to everyone else
and I forget I've been using this for quite a while.
IQ refers to the character's IQ points (ex IQ-13)
They get full xp for the first 13 of the same monster type killed/defeated,
3/4 xp value for numbers 14-26, 1/2 xp for 27-39 killed, etc
until finally only 1 or 2 pts of xp per each monster the same killed from
then on.

The DM just records in his campaign log (folder/notebook/whatever)
how MANY of each creature type are killed. (say 24 goblins by last
A character with IQ-12 would have received full xp for the first 12, and
then 3/4 xp
for the next 12 slain.
A party (mage, say) with IQ-15 would have received full xp for the first 15
and then
3/4 xp for goblins 16-30.
Just make one running total for number of each creature slain and check the
IQ's whenever you hand out xp. If a character dies and is replaced, assume
he's seen
the same as all the rest have or get THE PLAYER to keep track of his own
seen and killed if they feel they should get more xp than the seasoned

Did I explain it okay?


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