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(TFT) Adventure continues III

14)  As the characters enter the room, it seems as if they have entered a
barracks as there are 8 hobgoblins waiting for the party as they have
readied weapons (They are at least a MH away from the door)  The characters
enter through a door in the center of the west wall.  The room itself is
three MH wide by five MH long.  In the far end of the north wall there is a
passageway (2 hexes wide) and there is a blanket covering a doorway (no
door) at the far end of the south side of  the room.

ST 10  DX 10  IQ 7 MA 10  adjDX 10
Each of these carries a two-handed club and does 1d.

ST 9  DX 11  IQ 7  MA 10  adjDX 9
Each carries a hatchet (1d) and wears cloth armor and a small shield (3h.s.)

All the hobgoblins carry $1-6.

After three turns of combat from the southern doorway (from behind the
blanket come two goblins.

ST 14  DX 14  IQ 10 MA 10  adjDX
T/S:  sword, fencing, warrior, first aid, & swimming
EQ:  +1 damage (magic) 2-handed sword (3d) and wears cloth armor (2h.s.)

GOBLIN 2:  Garg
ST 12  DX 14  IQ 10  MA10 (6)  adjDX 11/13 w/missile weapon
T/S:  X-bow, missile weapons, sword, shield, swimming, speaks human tongue.
EQ:  +1 magic chainmail (4h.s.), small shield (1h.s.), broadsword (2d),
light X-bow w/12 quarrels (2d).

Gag's tactic when entering the room is to wade into the fray but protecting
Garg as much as he can.  Garg's tactic is to stay away from physical contact
with the enemy as long as he can shooting his x-bow at the enemy.  Each of
these goblins carries $30.  Make a 3dIQ roll, if the roll is made by someone
in the party they find a key on the gobbo with the x-bow.  If this roll is
not made the key will never be found.

After the battle is over, the party can either go back to 11.
Go through the southern blanket covered doorway.  Go to 15.
Go to the northern passage way.  Go to 16.

15)  You enter a 2x2 MH room with bedding (flea ridden) and a small chest.
If the chest is checked for traps, the party will find none.  If the party
did not find the key in room 14, they will have to pick the lock (4dDX) or
bust the chest (ST30).  If they have the key or open the chest they will
discover the goblins treasure.  Inside the chest, they will find a linen
sack filled with what feels like coins and a small leather pouch.  In the
linen bag there is $350.  In the small pouch are 4 gems worth $10, $100, $50
and a $40 gem.  If detect magic is used the $40 dollar gem is magic: Summon
Myrmidon gem.  Go back to 14.

15)  In the north wall is a two hex-wide passageway.  After 3 hexes it
becomes a stairway leading down.  The stairway continues to go down 10 hexes
until it comes to a landing with a door to the north and a passageway that
turns to the west.  If the party tries the door, go to 16.  If the party
goes west down the passageway (2 hexes wide), go to 17 or go back to 14.

16)  As the party enters the room, the occupants are waiting at the far end.
They are two goblin wizards and a fighter.  The room is enter from the
center of the south wall of a 3MH (north/south walls) by 4MH (east/west

ST 9  DX 12  IQ 16  MA 10  adjDX 11
T/S:  staff of power, lightning, illusion,  7-hex fire,  write scroll, drop
weapon, create lesser magic item, literacy, alchemist, control animal,
summon myrmidon, freeze, detect magic, teleport, ward, & explosive gem.
EQ:  staff of power,  +2 mgk. cloth armor (3h.s.), summon myrmidon gem,
explosive gem (2d), 5-ST battery & silver dagger.

ST 11  DX 10  IQ 9  MA 10
T/S:  literacy, aid, human tongue, blur, mgk. fist, image, drop weapon,
staff, & detect magic.
EQ:  staff

The room contains a wizards kit, the bedding for the two wizard's, and a
table and chairs.  On the table are 3 vials of healing potion and one
berserker potion (remember the party won't know this).  Go back to 15.

17)  The passage way travels another 12 hexes and comes to a door.  The door
opens into a 2x2MH room.  The room contains a goblin and a strong looking

ST 12  DX 17  IQ 11  MA 10  adjDX
T/S:  sword, two weapons, fencing, human tongue, tactics, & physicker.
EQ:  stone-flesh ring (4h.s.), +1 damage fine rapier (1+1) and +1 damage
magic main gauche.  He carries $50.

ST 18  DX 10  IQ 7  MA 10  adjDX 9
T/S: Don't worry about it this is Lenny from Of Mice and Men
EQ:  Two handed maul (2d)

In the room there is bedding for each man a small table with a map of this
area of the city.  On this table is a small leather pouch that contains five
$50 gems.  In one corner of the room is a foot and a half wide board that is
12 feet long.  On the northwest side of the north wall is a heavy wooden
door with three padlocks (4dDX to pick each).  If the party makes a 5dIQ
roll, they find the keys under a floor stone.  If the keys are not found,
the party needs to either pick the locks or break them (ST30).  Once the
party gets through the locks the door is still stuck.  Have them make a 4dIQ
roll to see what is causing it.  If they make the roll, the door opens and
they can see inside the next room.  If they don't make the roll, they will
have to knock the door down (3dST) and remember the fall through door rules
from TFT:ITL.  If you go through the door, go to 18.  If you leave the room
go to 15.

18)  If the door to this room (2MH long going west) the first MH is an open
pit trap (no chance to discover from room 17).  If the characters burst thru
the door there is a chance they will fall into a three meter pit trap for 1d
of damage.  On the far side of the trap (the other megahex) is the goblins

trapped chest (4dIQ to discover) grenade (4dDX to remove)
The chest contains $2500 in coin and a small velveteen sack that holds five
$40 gems, a ring worth $100, a bracelet worth $200, and a anklet worth $200.


Oh!  you are wondering about the kidnapped girl.  Well, in my campaign she
had been already taken by the wizard.  That's where the ring, bracelet, &
anklet came from.  Inside the box is evidence in the form of a letter
discussing the plan and the payoff.  This may help the characters get off in
town (maybe).  The girl's father offered a reward to the characters to
follow the leads.

Yours in Cidri, Justin

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