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(TFT) TFT: Magic

Silas writes . . .

>Heres a question for the group. As I map out the campaign I wish to
>design for the group, a question has struck me. DO YOU PREFER HEAVY
>MAGIC/FANTASY SETTINGS? Or do you enjoy settings that are low to mild
>magic settings? Not that PC'S couldn't be wizards, but do you prefer an
>environment with talking walls, magic goblins sprouting up from dung
>hills, talking unicorns named Joe etc etc? Or do you like the setting
>magic to be less FLOURESCENT as it were? A little more like a flovour in
>a soup that you can't quite identify, but if it weren't there it would

   I prefer the latter method.  I like my magic rare and powerful -- which
I've noticed most players prefer as well.
   In fact, magic is so rare in my Sunday game that the group doesn't even
have a spellcaster of any kind!  (The last wizard player we had stopped
gaming to spend more time-energy with his studies.)  However, one character
will be spending some time performing a few long-term tasks (learning the
Heal spell and making some potions) so he's bringing in a beginning Hobbit

   Yet another spell for you wizards out there . . .

INFERNO (S): This spell allows the wizard to project a
   massive burst of flame several meters in length.  When
   cast, a straight line is drawn between the wizard?s own
   hex and any other hex he chooses.  Everything in every
   hex that this line touches (except the wizard) is affected
   as if struck by a Fireball spell; but walls, doors, and
   other barriers /can/ block this fire damage just like they
   do versus Fireball.  The number of damage dice (1-1
   each) and ST cost are equal to the range from the
   wizard to the end hex.
      Inferno has little range compared to a missile spell,
   but is quite useful when facing multiple opponents ?
   especially when they?re coming at you in a narrow

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Computers   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760

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