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(TFT) Jobs v. Adventuring

>>>>The wage rate for the jobs listed in TFT:ITL already have basic
subsistence costs removed.
Dan Tulloh>>>

I understand that but what I do to somehow balance the garnering of money, I
have the players pay daily costs of living (HOUSE RULE).  Also when they buy
anything it has a sales tax (be it 2-10%) that way I don't have to remember
to tax them at the end of the year.

What I disliked was characters taking time off from the game and getting
jobs for 3-4 months in order to buy a +1 sword.  If they wanted to do this,
they faced the risk rolls but also they had to pay the piper.
How many medieval soldiers really had disposible income equal to $1000?  I
don't think many.

I tried to make the garnering of money through jobs less tasty than let's
say one of your buds buying a treasure map from an old coot.
There are generally three reasons characters adventure for and they are
RELIGION, WEALTH, and being FORCED into it.  What I wanted to do is make the
adventure part of my game more appealing than working for a living.

Why would adventurers, these people with wonderlust, want to work in the
same job day after day.  When they can get rich quick by following the route
on the old coots map.

I say TAX'em and TAKE them to the cleaners when they are in a civilized
environment.  But then again these are just my house rules.

Thanks for the comment Dan
Yours in Cidri,

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