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Re: (TFT) On experience

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>8 in any reasonable length of time...
Take a 32-point character and find a 4/18 job for him.  

Now, the actual job title doesn't matter - the point is that the
character takes an initial job with a better chance for success 
than for failure - after 5 years or so, the character has probably
built up enough ST that they can survive a roll which causes 
damage if it does occur.  They can then switch over to another 
job with more risk but an even greater chance of reward should the
GM decide they can't remain an apprentice for their whole career.

Can't get up to a 60 point character?  No sweat!  Adventuring?
No way!  A guy could get killed!   :)


In the The Space Gamer #54, Letters column (page 34) where Keith Abbott
writes a letter pointing out this "glitch" in TFT. The editor (Aaron
Allson) responds: "Obviously, if the table [of jobs] is being used, the GM
would be foolish to also grant 1 pt. per decade bonus from the article
[Handicaps in TFT, referring to taking the Aging Handicap and then
offsetting the loses may spending many years in a 'job'.].

It's a pretty safe bet that this also applies to to instantly gaining 20
years worth of experience from a job.

But lets just say you haven't read that.

How would this work in play? A PC comes to you and says, "I want to start a
brand new character, but first I want to roll for his benefits from having
a job for 20 years?". GM says. "Yeah, sure! Sound good to me!"

Or does it work this way - the player says, "My PC is just going to hang
out in the city while you go adventuring and do a job for 20 years of game
time and aquire experience points". The GM says, "Okay. You might as well
go home. I expect tonight's session is only going to take up about a week
of game time. We'll be sure to call you when 20 years have passed in the
campaign..." ;}

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