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Re: (TFT) These are cool!!!

About the hexagonal mini bases...I've ordered these from a couple of
different manufacturers, and always found that the bases are just a
bit too big for standard Melee/TFT hexes (regardless of their listed
size).   Personally, I've taken to just using hexagonal cardstock 
bases that I plasti-tak to "problem" minis who's facing is hard to 

BTW, if you want some nice, sturdy megahexes, get a sheet of 1" 
hexagonal tiles and start gluing.  I had to settle for ceramic, 
but marble would be even better if you could find it. 

> All you'd have to do is paint f,f,f,s,s, and r, in the appropriate
> hex facing and voila!!! Instant facing fer yer figs! 

I find that a small dot or arrow denoting the center of the "front"
hexes is sufficient.  But to each his own.

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