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(TFT) TFT: Hex Mat Maps

Stan writes . . .

>BTW, if you want some nice, sturdy megahexes, get a sheet of 1"
>hexagonal tiles and start gluing. I had to settle for ceramic,
>but marble would be even better if you could find it.

   Not a bad idea.  Those megahexes in the centers of ITL and AM don't cut
it for me either.  I solved the problem by taking a large vinyl hex mat and
(horrors!) using a green permanent marker to draw out the megahexes.  I use
water-based markers for drawing labyrinth walls, doors, etc.  Works really
   Every once in a great while I see a room's floor in someone's house made
with small hexagonal tiles.  It makes me think, "Hey . . .  time to play
some Star Fleet Battles or Starfire!"  8^)

   Here's another spell inspired by Diablo . . .

STONE CURSE (T): This spell temporarily turns the
   subject (and all equipment carried) to stone, and is
   otherwise identical to the Freeze spell.  Also, the
   victim effectively has Stone Flesh on him and stops
   a flat 4 hits per attack, no matter what armor, shield,
   magic, or other protections he had before being
   cursed, but those added /afterwards/ work normally
   (except of course, Stone Flesh).  Anyone killed while
   cursed permanently breaks into about a half dozen
   large pieces of stone.  Cost: 5 ST.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Design Bureau   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760

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