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(TFT) New/House spell/talent/rule submissions

Well, the stray new spell and talent come in from time to time
but for the most part I've been forced to snip them from casual
messages passing thru the list.

Just a reminder, please send your ideas for new talents and stuff
to either me or the list and please add the appropriate filter keywords
to the SUBJECT heading.

TFT Talents   for new talents
TFT Spells     for new spells
TFT Rules      for new house rules or suggested changes

These will let my inbox filters route them to the correct folder for

I know that there is much duplication out there about collecting and
organizing new TFT material and want to especially thank Ty for his
massive effort to collect it all in one place on the WWW for everyone's
I'm still going thru all my downloads from his webpage and trying to
integrate all the new submissions into the ones I got from there.
(with all properly credited to the author's of course)
I already see several instances of "like-minded thinking" in that talent or
spell submissions are very similiar to each other or ones I remember from
way back when.  Good to see some things never change.


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