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Re: (TFT) On experience

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        Hi all.

        I agree completely,  in my campaign the maximum amount
of EXP that someone can get from a risk roll is 500 points.  I wrote 
up some rules for better risk rolls which I sent to the list.  (I'm not
sure if Ty put them on his site or not.)


Along the same lines, there's a british magazine called "Warpstone" about
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying. This issue (#11) has a great chart about the
effects of Aging that I'm thinking about adding to TFT. 

Most RPG's let characters off pretty easily with a few attribute
reductions, which is pretty easy to ignore when you can earn those
attributes back! This allows the players to "feel" the effects of aging
like so:

01-02 Heart Attack
03-04 Alzheimer's
05-09 Arthritis
10-19 Hair
20-24 Teeth
25-28 Impotence
29-30 Mind Goes
31-32 Eyesight
33-35 Hearing
36-37 Brittle Bones
38-39 Incontinence
40-41 Forgetulness
42-100 No Effect

So go ahead, take that job for 20 years to build up those experience
points! ;)

PS: WFRP makes some terrific adventures that are pretty easily converted to

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