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(TFT) Re: The LIST

In a message dated 8/12/99 7:08:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
grabowski@erols.com writes:

>  They are the US (both East and
>  West Coast, Texas, but very little in between),  Canada (Rick and Mack),
>  Australia (Simon), and the UK (Chris).  Of course, all English (some
>  speaking it better than others, youse guys) speaking countries.  Do you 
>  have any from other countries?

Some of us Midwesterners are just polite and let other people talk first. ;-)

I'm in Minneapolis, and I played TFT from the time Melee first came out until 
about the mid-80s. I was in one campaign that lasted 2 years twice a week. 
Boy, what a great time we had. It was one of the best campaigns I've ever 
played in.
When SJ developed GURPS, I went whole hog into it, and have been 
playtesting and writing for GURPS for over twelve years. A recent GURPS 
Traveller campaign (that subsequently died), though, pointed out one of its 
problems: it takes too long to build a character (minimum 1 hour, with those 
less familiar with the rules taking 2-3 hours).  My group (well, two of us 
anyway) are thinking about using a simpler set of rules and of course, my 
thoughts went to TFT. Ten minute character design has a lot to say for it. I've 
also acquired several of the Quests, and would love to start playing them 
again. BTW if anyone has a copy of DeathTest they'd like to sell, I'm 

If anyone runs TFT at one of the Minnesota cons, I'll be there. (I won't be 
running any TFT at cons, since one of my jobs for SJGames is running their 

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