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Re: (TFT) Re: The LIST

Brett Slocum wrote:
> In a message dated 8/12/99 7:08:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> grabowski@erols.com writes:
> >  They are the US (both East and
> >  West Coast, Texas, but very little in between),  Canada (Rick and Mack),
> >  Australia (Simon), and the UK (Chris).  Of course, all English (some
> >  speaking it better than others, youse guys) speaking countries.  Do you
> >  have any from other countries?
> Some of us Midwesterners are just polite and let other people talk first. ;-)
> I'm in Minneapolis, and I played TFT from the time Melee first came out until
> about the mid-80s. I was in one campaign that lasted 2 years twice a week.
> Boy, what a great time we had. It was one of the best campaigns I've ever
> played in.
> When SJ developed GURPS, I went whole hog into it, and have been
> playtesting and writing for GURPS for over twelve years. A recent GURPS
> Traveller campaign (that subsequently died), though, pointed out one of its
> problems: it takes too long to build a character (minimum 1 hour, with those
> less familiar with the rules taking 2-3 hours).  My group (well, two of us
> anyway) are thinking about using a simpler set of rules and of course, my
> thoughts went to TFT. Ten minute character design has a lot to say for it. I've
> also acquired several of the Quests, and would love to start playing them
> again. BTW if anyone has a copy of DeathTest they'd like to sell, I'm
> interested.
> If anyone runs TFT at one of the Minnesota cons, I'll be there. (I won't be
> running any TFT at cons, since one of my jobs for SJGames is running their
> games).
> ---
> Brett Slocum  -- 
 I've got a spare 2nd edition version of deat test, contact me if you
want it. say $5.00?
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