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(TFT) If you are left handed do you become ambisinister

In GURPS, the talent below is an advantage but at the same time it is a
talent that can be learned in later life.  Ask Pete Rose (then again he
would probably vote against himself for a price).   Point cost for this
talent is high.  Try throwing lefthanded when you are right handed and keep
doing it until you don't throw like a, stereotyped, girl.  It will take
awhile and a lot of energy.  Ask a lefthander about opening cans with a
typical hand-held canopener and they curse us dexters.

New Talent

IQ 10

AMBIDEXTEROUS  (3).  This person has trained him/her self to use both hands
and arms equally.  This person can fight either right or left handed.  When
using two weapons talent, under (a) change to can attack with both weapons,
at normal DX for the first attack and -2 DX (not -4) for the second attack.
Also with this talent, the character receives a +1 DX whenever they attempt
a DX roll with the REMOVE TRAPS talent, ACROBATICS talent, the THIEF
talents, and the MECHANICIAN talents.  Prerequisite: DX 12

Here we go again!
Yours in Cidri,

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