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(TFT) TFT and Campaign Worlds

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>>>>>>>So, I've embarked on building a campaign environment for TFT based
>>>>>>>around this world.

That's great! It's a terrific world! I've collected most of the books that
detail the world in Ultima: Online. If I can be of any help this sounds
like a great idea!

>>>>>>>does a negative virtue (a bad guy) character only have the
>>>>>>>ability to use virtues for evil?  What is an evil action?  

May they can both use the same abilities (I'm thinking of the Bless/Cure
Light wounds from the Interplay article on expanding the Priest Talent).
These abilities are fairly 'neutral'.

>>>>>>>Lastly, when all is said and done, does anyone care to see

Yeah! I've always like this world, and never had a good enough excuse to
use it! ;D


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