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(TFT) TFT and Campaign Worlds

So, this is going to probably sound silly, but here goes:
Of all the worlds I have read about, played in, heard about, etc., the
one I seem to be most comfortable in to run is that of Sosaria.  What's
Sosaria?  It's the world of Lord British, the Avatar, Iolo, Geoffrey
and Dupre -- The characters of the Ultima series of computer games from
Origin Systems.  
There's just something about the place that draws me in and wants me to
tell tales about it.
So, I've embarked on building a campaign environment for TFT based
around this world.  I'm finding that translating the environment is
leading to some changes in the TFT rules (not many) to more accurately
depict the world.  For example, magic is freely available in Ultima --
therefore, I've made some mods to the magic system to incorporate this
concept. (One of the reasons I like TFT so much -- it's incredibly
maleable).  Also, characters like Bards have actual *in game*
capabilities to effect the world around them (no more just getting free
lunches for their efforts).
I am, however, running into a problem that I could use some help with. 
There are no "priest" characters, or gods for that matter.  Instead,
Sosaria operates on a system of virtues.  I know how I want to deal
with this, but not really sure how to execute it.  General thoughts and
commentary appriciated.  
Virtue is either positive or negative.  You have (or have not) followed
the path of the virtues.  Characters with low level faith (equivelent
to the original talent PRIEST) have the ability to call upon the
virtues to benefit themselves (blessings, for lack of a better term). 
For example, a PRIEST like character could call upon the virtues to
grant themselves a temporary use of a skill.  High priests take this
one step further and may allow their blessings to be "cast" upon other
Where I run into difficulty is describing how the virtues really effect
play -- does a negative virtue (a bad guy) character only have the
ability to use virtues for evil?  What is an evil action?  
Lastly, when all is said and done, does anyone care to see thisbeastie??Brennan
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