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Re: (TFT) TFT: Thieves' World

	I looked on it as it being more of a enchantment 
(admitedly it is not on an item but on a person).  That is why
it required 50 fST / day for a week, X amount of ci / week

	Thanks for the Explosive Fireball, Dave.


>>I did for a short time.  I invented the Power Leech spell
>>(see below) to allow the hazard class wizards to steal the power from
>>the low level apprentises.  This one rule change went a long way to
>>help to make TFT feel like Theives World.
>   This spell breaks at least one TFT spell convention (i.e. requiring
>material components for spellcasting) but it does look interesting enough to
>play with.  I'll probably use it for my own campaign.  Thanks for the spell.

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