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(TFT) TFT: Power Leach

Rick writes about the Power Leach spell . . .

>I looked on it as it being more of a enchantment
>(admitedly it is not on an item but on a person).  That is why
>it required 50 fST / day for a week, X amount of ci / week

   That makes sense.  Thanks for the clarification.  8^)

Justin writes . . .

>IQ 10
>AMBIDEXTEROUS  (3).  This person has trained him/her self to use both hands
>and arms equally.  This person can fight either right or left handed.  When
>using two weapons talent, under (a) change to can attack with both weapons,
>at normal DX for the first attack and -2 DX (not -4) for the second attack.
>Also with this talent, the character receives a +1 DX whenever they attempt
>a DX roll with the REMOVE TRAPS talent, ACROBATICS talent, the THIEF
>talents, and the MECHANICIAN talents.  Prerequisite: DX 12

   Very interesting.  Suggestions:
1. Lower the IQ prerequisite to 7.  This would allow character conceptions
of characters who have this talent /naturally/, and I think you don't have
to be smart at all to be trained to have it.
2. Consider allowing someone with this talent stopping one extra hit of
damage with a shield or main-gauche, since he /is/ using a shield in his
"good" hand.

   Here's a character to use as an NPC (or even a PC -- what do I care?  :)

Played by Sean Connery   Human   Male   Hero (Paladin)
Current Game Date: 533.258 (age 23)   AP 38 (+1)
ST 13
DX 11   AdjDX 16 w/sword
IQ 12   adjIQ 18
MA 10   adjMA 6 (fine plate armor)
Hits Stopped 7 (fine plate armor and spike shield)
Reaction +1 (Charisma)
Initiative +1 (Tactics)
Talents: Sword (2), Shield (1), Tactics (1), Horsemanship (1), Literacy (1),
Swimming (1), Recognize Value (1), Physicker (2), Vet (1), Charisma (2),
Diplomacy (1), New Followers (2), Priest (2).
Handicap: Hard of Hearing (1)
Talents Studied: Expert Swordsman (learns on 534.78)
Usual Job: Priest ($69, 3/18)

Very fine bastard sword (2+3/3d), w/ +5 DX and Light enchantments
Spike shield
Bastard sword (2+1/3-2)
Heal potion
Large knife (1+1)
Jade statuette (w/Teleport enchantment)
Clothing: Middle class
Armor: Fine plate (stops 6 hits, -4 DX negated by +4 DX enchantment)
Cash on Hand: $3628

Mount: "Brilliance" -- broken horse of warhorse stock (ST 30, DX 13, IQ 6,
MA 24, 16 w/rider, saddlebags, 2 torches, 3 day's rations, waterskin,
physicker's chest, heal potion, 1-man tent, personal basics, shoulderbag,
saddle & bridle)

   Father Paul is a paladin for the Holy Fighting Order of Naitri, which is
an island nation off the continent of Thail.  He is always on one mission or
another for the Christian Church, usually to find and bring to justice major
bad guys such as Tollenkar.  Father Paul started his adventuring career as a
"Blob", but has since earned some experience to increase his DX
significantly, and had magic items made to increase it even more.  To be a
complete paladin, Father Paul is interested in learned a few appropriate
spells, including Heal and Holy Bolt, so his next few attribute points will
be going into buying even more adjIQ.
   On horseback Father Paul fights with sword and shield, but leaves the
shield with his horse when fighting on foot.  His favorite dismounted combat
tactic is a two-handed sweep with his bastard sword (at an adjDX of 12).
Unfortunately he only has an adjDX of 11 for purposes of attack order, which
means he goes last in almost every fight.
   Father Paul leads a band of like-minded adventurers, including Sorag
(martial wizard), Marcos (weapon master), Norrad (big, dumb, fighter-type),
and Jana Gibney (front-line IQ 8 martial wizard, and the group's newest
member).  Sorag is on leave to practice more spell research, so Father Paul
will probably bring a decent archer specialist into the group.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Computers   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
"Jim, Beam me up, Scotchy!"

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