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(TFT) Ambidexterity and advantages

Dave wrote,

<<<1. Lower the IQ prerequisite to 7.  This would allow character
of characters who have this talent /naturally/, and I think you don't have
to be smart at all to be trained to have it.>>>>

I think of IQ as not only intelligence but also as effort (although Pete
Rose may have the IQ of a seven as he made a mistake that may have cost him
the Hall of Fame until after he is dead.  Ask Shoeless Joe.  Oh! I forgot he
is dead.).  I think that natural inborn ambidexterity is more of an
advantage that would not be related to IQ.  Perhaps as a group, we could
come up with a system of advantages, much like the system of disadvantages
from the Space Gamer.  Let's have fun!

As far as this,

<<<Consider allowing someone with this talent stopping one extra hit of
damage with a shield or main-gauche, since he /is/ using a shield in his
"good" hand.>>>

New Talent

IQ 10
AMBIDEXTEROUS  (3).  This person has trained him/her self to use both hands
and arms equally.  This person can fight either right or left handed.  When
using two weapons talent, under (a) change to can attack with both weapons,
at normal DX for the first attack and -2 DX (not -4) for the second attack.
Any time, the character uses a shield or parrys (as in two weapons talent),
they stop one extra hit.  Also with this talent, the character receives a +1
DX whenever they attempt a DX roll with the REMOVE TRAPS talent, ACROBATICS
talent, the THIEF talents, and the MECHANICIAN talents.  Prerequisite: DX 12

Thanks Dave!
Yours in Cidri,

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