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(TFT) Advantages anyone????

The other day on the list I had mentioned, if there are disadvantages in
TFT, why not advantages.  I also stated about doing this as a group through
critique (not attack).  The first thing we would need to come up with is how
a character receives advantages, be it random or bought.  Anyone have any

Here are a couple of advantages, I (or Steve J.) dreamed up:

AMBIDEXTEROUS    This person has trained him/her self to use both hands and
arms equally.  This person can fight either right or left handed.  When
using two weapons talent, under (a) change to can attack with both weapons,
at normal DX for the first attack and -2 DX (not -4) for the second attack.
Any time, the character uses a shield or parrys (as in two weapons talent),
they stop one extra hit.  Also with this talent, the character receives a +1
DX whenever they attempt a DX roll with the REMOVE TRAPS talent, ACROBATICS
talent, the THIEF talents, and the MECHANICIAN talents.

MAGICAL APTITUDE.    A character with this advantage gains a +1 DX when
using magic (spells and the like).  The character also gains the spell
"detect magic" (IQ8) for free.

ALERTNESS.  A character with this talent is naturally alert.  As the IQ 9
talent but gains it for free.

ACUTE HEARING.  As the IQ 9 talent but gains it for free.

I'm sure there are others you can think of or add.

Let's keep the conversation going!!!
Yours in Cidri,

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