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(TFT) 2 hands or not 2 hands

Dear all
About this ambidexterity/2 weapons debate. I always had the idea that
ambidexterity, like left- or rigt handedness was something you were born
with, not learn, whereas talents like 2 weapons were what you'd learn to
compensate. One could argue that doing 2 things at once is always going to
result in some adjDX (this is the term we used in our campaigns) loss, the
answer is to get more DX. Another idea for starting characters is this:
roll a d6 and a d20, if the d6 is higher, you're left handed, the d20 your
right handed, and if they're the same, you're ambidextrous.

Cas Liber
Sydney Australia

(prev. played in early 80s)
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