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Re: (TFT) Ambidexterity talent

Time to muddy the waters on this debate some more by getting
involved finally. <heh>

       - I think that 3 pts is too high for this advantage/talent and it
should be
lowered to 2pts if used. The benefits only apply to 2-wpn usage and to
Thief/Mechanician rolls.
       - regarding the IQ level, it's simple. If the character takes it
then it's a natural ability(an advantage) and is available at IQ-7.
If they attempt to learn/aquire it later on, then it's a learned talent or
skill and the training comes available at IQ-10.

(1rst effect) This person has trained him/her self to use both hands and
arms equally.
This person can fight either right or left handed.  When using two weapons
under (a) change to can attack with both weapons, at normal DX for the first
and -2 DX (not -4) for the second attack.
    - looks fine to me. simple and logical being able to co-ordinate your
two hands
better with this talent. You aren't 'struggling" with your awkward hand
because you
don't have one.

(2nd effect) Also with this talent, the character receives a +1 DX whenever
they attempt
a DX roll with the REMOVE TRAPS talent, ACROBATICS talent, the THIEF
talents, and the MECHANICIAN talents.  Prerequisite: DX 12
    - I don't see any rationale for imposing a DX limit on applying this
Talent to
anything and the only talent from the above list that has an associated Dx
Acrobatics. I also feel that Acrobatics and tumbling gain no bonus from a
being ambidextrous and this talent should be removed from the bonus list. It
anything like Juggling where you are actively co-ordinating your 2 hands as
and I think acrobatics should be removed and maybe juggling added in it's
The rest seem logical and valid to me.

(3rd effect) Any time, the character uses a shield or parrys (as in two
weapons talent),
they stop one extra hit.
    - can't see why this is here at all. The additional hits stopped from
parrying are
due to the weapons absorbing the force of the blow. I'd rather see better
tied into advanced weapons skills like  basic sword/advanced sword/master
with each better level giving the character plusses to hit and damage with
that weapon
only, and increases parrying effectiveness with them as well.
This is the comment where I'll probably get the biggest argument.

* and nobody mentioned anything about "lefties" and the affect it has on
training. Historically right-handed people fought lefties at a disadvantage
most people were right handed and they were taught how to fight against
other right
handed people. Lefties enjoyed a minor but definite edge in melee combat as
were used to fighting this way.
ex/ warrior "R" swings at warrior "L" and what? he's holding his shield on
the wrong
side and whoa! where'd that sword strike come from? this guy doesn't fight

I'd be tempted to change the 3rd effect of this talent to +1 DX when
fighting left-handed
against right handed opponents, and -1 to your attacker's DX. (when using 1
wpn and
1 shield combo only)

Is it getting muddier?


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