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(TFT) Re: Ambidexterity

Mack stated,

    - I don't see any rationale for imposing a DX limit on applying this
Talent to
anything and the only talent from the above list that has an associated Dx
Acrobatics. I also feel that Acrobatics and tumbling gain no bonus from a
being ambidextrous and this talent should be removed from the bonus list. It
anything like Juggling where you are actively co-ordinating your 2 hands as
and I think acrobatics should be removed and maybe juggling added in it's

The DX benefit for the talents of THIEF, MECHANICIAN, etc... was given
because the character can use one hand just as effectively as the other.
This would make it easier for a person with this talent/advantage to
manipulate things like locks and other mechanical things.  As for
acrobatics, I don't know except for the fact that both hands could be used
equally.  Climbing would be more appropriate.
You related why the +1 for the shield, I just added that because of a
suggestion given on the list about the talent.  As for the 3 points needed
to train, think of it this way, what's easier to learn, how to use a sword
or use both hands equally?

Yours in Cidri,

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