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(TFT) Ambidexterity and Age

Dan wrote,

<<<As I read this - it occurred to me that physical talents such as this
one (which modifies DX rolls) are probably harder to learn as you get
older ... what about adding a point to the cost for each decade the
PC is over 20?  ie, if the PC is 20, AmbiDexterity costs 3.  If the
PC learns it when they are 21-30 years old, it costs 4 points to
learn, etc.  Is that doable or is that going too far?>>>

I agree with the concept but it maybe overcomplicating the issue.  Even
adding the concept of advantages is overcomplicating the issue but many of
us have used the disadvantages found in the Space Gamers (#'s 51 & 57 if I
am correct without looking it up).  My concept for the advantages is just to
balance out the disadvantages.


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