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(TFT) On Experience

I use an alternate system to the TFT experience reward system (1 point per damage and DEX of killed, 1 point per wizard fatigue, etc.) My system is totally arbitrary, but I don't have players begging for that final kill just for the points. [The traditional TFT experience reward system may be OK if your handling up to 6 characters. In a 30 character 'Troop Movement' game, hacking body count can slow things down & reveal too much.]

I give an arbitrary 50 to 250 points per game (to each character and some get more points than others) depending on how I feel the players performed their goal or if the game played well (roleplaying or group interaction).

Note: I never start my players at 32 point characters. It's usually 34-36 points for a one-shot game, although I am now running a "campaign" which will last a 'game' time of about 4 days, but in 'real' time its played 2.5 weekends so far with another 2.5 weekends to go.

I also have thrown in another two character awards. (these might be from Chivalry & Sorcery or from DragonQuest, etc.)

Given by Game Master for truly miraculous character achievement. Rolling 4 critical successes in a row, killing the dragon single handedly, surviving the explosion unscathed while all around you die. You can burn a fate point to make a dice roll reroll or reconsider an action or other similar use. [In my campaign I've been awarding it at the recap of the day's play. It's been given to the character that has truly done something that stands out during that game. I even rewarded it to a player's 'most stupid move department' because even after the game, the players remembered this character up and shot the prisoner for no apparent reason, thus robbing them of their inquisition. The players agreed as they laughed and groaned that that was the most memorable if stupid thing of the day.]

Given by Game Master for the fame your character deserves. You usually get a nickname with it. Rolling 4 critical success on attacks (bullseye Joe), killing the dragon single handedly (Joe the dragonslayer), surviving the explosion uscathed (Joe the Lucky ? No honor points though), getting 2 feuding barons to sign an armistice (Joe the peacemaker). You can burn honor points in forcing an NPC to do something he doesn?t want to do because your fame awes, beguiles, or requires it of him. [I will probably award these to some of the survivors of this campaign.]

The two character awards above are a player reward and in no way is a part of the calculated TFT experience point system. But because it's strictly at the whim of the GM he can designate who gets it (and its his fault if it gets out of hand), it also aids the group as a Deus ex Machina that is still player originated.

This might also be a way to get around the Luck Attribute.

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