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Re: (TFT) On Experience

	Very Nice!!!   I also give out a total Exp score at the end of the


I use an alternate system to the TFT experience reward system (1 point per 
>damage and DEX of killed, 1 point per wizard fatigue, etc.)  My system is 
>totally arbitrary, but I don't have players begging for that final kill just 
>for the points.  [The traditional TFT experience reward system may be OK if 
>your handling up to 6 characters.  In a 30 character 'Troop Movement' game, 
>hacking body count can slow things down & reveal too much.]
>I give an arbitrary 50 to 250 points per game (to each character and some 
>get more points than others) depending on how I feel the players performed 
>their goal or if the game played well (roleplaying or group interaction).
>Note:  I never start my players at 32 point characters.  It's usually 34-36 
>points for a one-shot game, although I am now running a "campaign" which 
>will last a 'game' time of about 4 days, but in 'real' time its played 2.5 
>weekends so far with another 2.5 weekends to go.
>I also have thrown in another two character awards.  (these might be from 
>Chivalry & Sorcery or from DragonQuest, etc.)
>Given by Game Master for truly miraculous character achievement.  Rolling 4 
>critical successes in a row, killing the dragon single handedly, surviving 
>the explosion unscathed while all around you die.  You can burn a fate point 
>to make a dice roll reroll or reconsider an action or other similar use.  
>[In my campaign I've been awarding it at the recap of the day's play.  It's 
>been given to the character that has truly done something that stands out 
>during that game.  I even rewarded it to a player's 'most stupid move 
>department' because even after the game, the players remembered this 
>character up and shot the prisoner for no apparent reason, thus robbing them 
>of their inquisition.  The players agreed as they laughed and groaned that 
>that was the most memorable if stupid thing of the day.]
>Given by Game Master for the fame your character deserves.  You usually get 
>a nickname with it.  Rolling 4 critical success on attacks (bullseye Joe), 
>killing the dragon single handedly (Joe the dragonslayer), surviving the 
>explosion uscathed (Joe the Lucky ñ No honor points though), getting 2 
>feuding barons to sign an armistice (Joe the peacemaker).  You can burn 
>honor points in forcing an NPC to do something he doesnít want to do because 
>your fame awes, beguiles, or requires it of him.  [I will probably award 
>these to some of the survivors of this campaign.]
>The two character awards above are a player reward and in no way is a part 
>of the calculated TFT experience point system.  But because it's strictly at 
>the whim of the GM he can designate who gets it (and its his fault if it 
>gets out of hand), it also aids the group as a Deus ex Machina that is still 
>player originated.
>This might also be a way to get around the Luck Attribute.

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