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Re: (TFT) On Experience

I guess experience is another of those areas of TFT where everyone has 
their own variant.  While we personally *like* the bookkeeping-ish and 
combat-oriented nature of TFT experience, the killing blow part is
somewhat arbitrary.  Also, characters who have sunk points into 
skills like physiker, tactician, etc. do not get rewarded for using
them.  To help make up for this, we take all the points that everyone
has earned each night, total them up, and divide the total equally
among the players.  Of course, that means the characters are advancing
at twice the normal rate, but that's fine with me for...other reasons.
But anyway, you could just reduce everything by half to compensate if
the net increase bothers you.

This is something of a compromise between the right-wing "you only get 
what you earn" approach and the left-wing "everyone gets basically the 
same amount" approach.  I think that leaving some degree of competition
in the process is good.


TFT slang of the day - dexecution - when a PC goes to great lengths
or ignores a more threatening opponent to put in the killing blow
on some spearcatcher.
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