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(TFT) TFT: Wizardry Talent

Michael writes . . .

>>First, let's say that Heroes cannot have spells . . .  not even
>>for 3 IQ points each.

>Let's not say that! This is a pretty fair cost for this ability and
>certain heroes (Grey Mouser) can't really be done without this

   Yes, I agree.  Don't panic!  8^)  In the context of this optional rule, a
Hero is someone who doesn't have the Wizardry talent, while a Wizard is
someone who does . . .  even if he doesn't know a single spell!  To build
the Grey Mouser you would -- among other things -- give him the Wizardry
talent and whatever spells he knows, even if just one.  /Technically/ the
Grey Mouser would then be a Wizard, even thought he doesn't /look/ like one.
   I think a fair cost for Wizardry might be 4 IQ points.  That would allow
a fighter-type to know a spell for 5 IQ points (Wizardry (4) + Spell (1))
and a full-blown spellcaster could still have a decent number of spells in
his repertoire: An IQ 10 wizard could have up to 6 spells after buying the
Wizardry overhead -- not too bad.

>I do like this idea - it would be nice to get rid of the 'classness'
>of Wizards. But the best answer I can come up with is to make
>it an "Enchancement" super power costing 12 attribute points.

>I can't wait to see what you've come up with! What do you think
>of "Wizardry" as a super power?

   Wizardry for 12 /attribute/ points???  That's a typo, right?  But if not
. . .  wow!  That would leave a beginning wizard with only 20 points to
spread among 3 stats.  Giving him the minimum IQ to learn a spell (8) leaves
only 12 for DX and ST, say . . .  ST 6, DX 6.  I'd better load him up on
those handicaps and keep him out of trouble until he's a 45-point character!

About John's Talent Packages . . .

   Reminds me of Hero System's Package Deals or GURPS' recent Templates.  In
general a good idea, like the character archetypes listed in ITL, pp. 6-7.
   The only part I don't like is the discount given on most or all of them.
Then the player has to keep track of what Talent Packages the character has
purchased.  I found this slightly troublesome in a Super Agents campaign.
   I prefer the present system used: Jobs.  A character can be defined by
the job he works, and the jobs table lists the prerequisites needed for each
job or character type.

>P.S.  The hotel that GAMEX @ L.A. Airport is the WESTIN Hotel.

   Is this still on?  Several digests back I polled everyone to get a head
count but no one piped up.  If enough people commit to attending then I'd be
willing to hop a train and run a mini-adventure there.  I'd love to run it
/on the train/, but that's probably asking too much.  (Trains.  I love
trains.  :)

   You guys all have a legit IQ 23 wizard, right?  8^)

WIZARD?S REVENGE (M): This spell is identical to the
   Wizard?s Wrath spell, except that it does 1+2 damage
   for every ST point put into it.

(TFT Spells)

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